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IdWeb realizzerà il nuovo sito web di Jason Ames, cantante di Seattle. :: the story
The first real band I sang in was called Terra’s Love Child born in late 1989 in a still pre-grunge fame Seattle. It was a hippy-trippy-bluesy thang. Then our sound changed and was a little heavier, and we later changed our name to Mama Troll and made a 12 song “demo” in 1992.

During the early period of playing in the local Seattle clubs, I had the pleasure to perform as the opening act for such bands as Alice In Chains, members of the future Pearl Jam, other members of Nirvana (not Kurt!) and we played whenever and wherever we could…usually for free! When grunge hit big all over the world, so did the club scene in Seattle. It was a great time.

Ah, now enter the post-grunge era, 1994/95 I experimented with some different types of music. I called this “experiment” Tea for Twelve, I wrote some songs, recorded them and then realized that they were basically…crap, so I took a bit of a break. I started to attend Blues Jams at the local clubs only to find the true source that fuelled one of my all-time favorite bands, Led Zeppelin…traditional blues.

Blues music was not all to foreign to me, but I dug into the past and found the beauty and talent in some of the earliest blues recording artists dating back to the 1920’s and its evolution into electric blues. Albert Collins and Elmore James really had an impact on me at this moment in time. Then in 1996 I formed a blues group called the Voodoo Roosters.

Also having a soft spot in my heart for funk, I incorporated that style into my sound a little bit. We prepared songs and made a demo recording of the new material and gigged endlessly.

In late1997 I quickly recorded one song on a soundtrack for a computer animated video called Televoid for Mirimar Records. A project led by Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield. The song called “Chasing Blue Sky” written by singer Geoff Tate & Scott Rockenfield (both of Queensryche), exists in two versions, my version on the Televoid soundtrack and the other with Geoff’s vocals on the Queensryche greatest hits CD.

Televoid was later nominated for the 1999 Grammy Awards for best long form video. In 1998 the Voodoo Roosters signed a recording contract with Full Scale Productions and we began recording a 12 song CD titled “Heavy Loaded”.

These sessions took us to San Francisco, California to record the horn section of Tower of Power on 9 of the tracks, watching them record was…incredible. After the release we toured the western United States and performed with many blues greats such as Koko Taylor, Jimmie Vaughn, John Mayall, Pinetop Perkins & James Cotton (Muddy Waters band), Delbert McClinton, among others. During a pause, in late 1999, I was asked to do a studio project. It was Hard Rock…and I accepted. It was a project co-produced and mixed by Ron Saint-Germain (Soundgarden, Creed, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin…).

It features guest performances by bassist John Giblin (Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Simple Minds), drummer Alan White of Yes and I sing a duet with Ann Wilson of Heart. The final result is a loud 12 song CD called “Spinning” under the group name Treason on the Waterstreet Media label. In 2000, Full Scale Productions changed format, and me and my Voodoo Roosters were orphans. After moving to Italy in 2001, I was doing some gigs when I met my future producer, Luigi Brigida. Even though I was playing blues and rock, he liked my voice and said he worked with J&Q records, a dance music label…. I said, ‘I don’t dance!, BUT I would be interested in making some music, I like all types of music. Why not?’ We wrote and recorded a bunch of songs in a 6 month period until J&Q Records gave us the green light. June 2002 I signed with J&Q and by November the first single “Looking Back” produced and mixed by Fargetta was released. This brings us to now, and the new single “Yesterday”. So, I leave you to help me write the rest of “the story”.

Jason Ames