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The band was born in 2001 as a result of a meeting between Mysteria(guitar) and Answer(drums), who were already playing together from sometime along, with Cerimor(voice).
The three started to look for a bass-player to complete the group while they were working on the composition of their own pieces. In 2002 they register the first demo "Epoca" in the recording-studio "Direct Sound" of Cittą di Castello producing their first two pieces "Destruction" and "Insensibility (of the Human Nature)".
Thanks to this work the Maledicta become recognized as a live band even outside their home town (Perugia) playing at Bologna in occasion of "Emergenza Rock" competition and at "Snowjam 02" in Terminillo.
At the end of winter of 2002 the band is forced to replace the old bass-player with Synasius and a little while after deicide to return in the recording-studio to record "Dark Emersion" demo, which with its four pieces launches the band into the Italian underground panorama. As a result of the very good criticisms on the webzine and in specialized magazine, Maledicta are able to book more lives dates around Italy, but at the same time, there is the desire to add a new component to the band, which is . on the keyboards, so they can complete their particular sound. From that moment the five, inspired with new stimulus and convictions, start to compose songs that are more mature and articulated with the result that, in February 2003, they deicide to risk and record again, always at "Direct Sound" , the first full-length "ERUPTION FROM INSIDES".
This important work, that has been produced in five months, contains nine songs, including three which are present in the precedent demo rerecorded and rearranged. In the end the quality of the product realized is without doubt more than satisfactory, resembling notably to a professional production.

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