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IdMonitor CATI, CAWI, CAPI Software

IdMonitor is a server based software suite which allows to perform market and marketing researches via telephone (C.A.T.I.), Web (C.A.W.I.), face-to-face (C.A.P.I.), mobile phone/ PDA, or a combination of these (Fusion). These three applications are perfectly compatible and it is possible to switch among them at any moment, without losing the data structure and using the same acquired experience.

The server based software suite “IdMonitor V4” is mainly used by Universities, Public Administrations, Research Institutes, Call centers and Companies who carry out market researches or marketing surveys, telephone interviews and telemarketing. The software graphic is user friendly, simple to use and allows to perform the interview rapidly. The system includes automatic data processing, real-time creation of cross-points with socio-demographic variables (even from remote locations), information check of the operators activity and progress of the interview.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview), is the most popular way to lead an interview. The operator is directly connected by phone to the contacts and the computer shows every single question in a predetermined order. The questions are regulated by filters and consistency controls.


CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview), this new way of leading an interview has been developed thanks to the Internet age. An E-Mail is send to the contacts of the sample and invites them to partecipate to the questionnaire . The contacts can automatically fill in the questionnaire by connecting to Internet. Also in this case every single question is displayed and regulated by filters and consistency controls.


CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview), consists in a face-to-face interview: the operator asks questions directly to the contact by using a notebook or a PDA. During the interview every single question is shown on the computer screen of the operator and is regulated by filters and consistency controls. The data provided will be stored in a single database and processed by our software.

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How it works

Sample Drawing: the software imports a list created in various formats and distributes the selected names to the operators, according to predetermined parameters.

Data survey: interviews can be conducted with any of the previously described procedures (CATI, CAWI, CAPI) or with a combination of them (FUSION). The combined use of more than one procedure is derived from the need of many users to interview in different contexts. For example the combination CATI/CAPI can be used to merge face-to-face interviews using Personal Computer or PDA (to complete statistical requirements) with telephone interviews.

Monitoring: the software records every event (busy number, interrupted communication etc.) and the time taken (date, time, duration, calling attempts etc.). It is important to build up a set of indicators to keep information under control, for example the rate of unsuccessful calls due to disconnected calls or the reasons of no reply (in relation to the territory, people interviewed, call attempts etc.).

Controls: the software allows the arrangement of automatic settings within the fields. Actions are automatically performed as the operator types in the answers.

Outcome processing: The software can perform the checking and editing of surveyed data. In addition, the Directional Analysis module provides, automatically and in real-time, detailed or synoptic information about the survey (with numerical grids and graphs). Usually, it is the analyst customer who accesses the module. They are not allowed to modify the data, but can visualize and study the progress of the various surveys and obtain socio-demographic or activity-related statistics, the detailed analysis of questions and cross-analysis.

Survey creation
IdMonitor Cati software

The creation of the survey does not require any particular programming knowledge, as the guided procedure allows the user to define all possible questions (single, grouped, grid) and all possible answers suitable for the data collection (for example: single, multiple, mono, simple text or assisted answers).

It is possible to add and edit filters in order to control the survey, this way the survey various according to the answers given.

In order to allow a better use from the operator's point of view, the system constantly displays a graphical representation of the interview through a tree structure, with different intuitive symbols for each question and answer. Thanks to this interactive structure, the operator can manually skip to any part of the survey at any time.

The software engine builds up the pages of the survey in real-time and permits the definition of auto-controlled survey quotas (capacity control) that prevent the exceeding of the required quotas. Survey quotas are not compulsory and, when in operation, can be used in relation to any personal data or contact.

IdMonitor Cati software CONTACTS db IdMonitor allows the manual recording of contacts as well as their importation from external sources. The contact list can be configured according to the customer’s needs and any information that needs to be analysed can be added either with the Directional Analysis module or third-party modules (SPSS, etc.).
Telephone operators (or chief operators)
IdMonitor allows the registration of personal and managing data of all telephone operators. It is possible to supervise the activity of every operator by examining the following values:

Statistics relating to phone calls (all data are provided by numeric and percentage values):
Nobody answered the telephone;
Non-existent telephone number;
Telephone number busy;
Communication interrupted;
Arranged an appointment;
Survey refused;
Survey completed.

Productivity parameters:
Average interview length;
Maximum interview length;
Minimum interview length;
Started surveys;
Suspended surveys;
Started and completed surveys.
Appointment management
IdMonitor Cati software Appointment IdMonitor allows the operator arrange appointments during the interview. In the case of “an unanswered call”, “busy line” or “call interrupted” a new appointment is automatically fixed by the system, and scheduled for a pre-selected amount of time (set in the administration section of the survey) after the event.
Software licence typologies
Software licence typologies

* Software Maintenance
The Software Maintenace fee assures that the customer receives all newest software updates such as new added functionalities and innovative tools; moreover, those customers who have chosen to buy a licence (Bought Lincence including Software maintenance, Rented Licence) can also benefit from high-level assistance through telephone or skype. By keeping the investment on IdWeb up to date, your products will always be at highest quality level and your Technical Department will always be able to take advantage of our assistance and help desk, in order to easily overcome planning problems in your working projects.

** Technical Assistance
This service includes all help (training sessions, telephone and email assistance mainly) that our team can offers to the customer on the elaboration of the working project. In general, expert customers would not need it, while new customers may actually find it useful, especially in consideration of the high level of customizability and informatization of the software.

*** Systemistic Technical Support
Systemistic Technical Support refers to companies that do not devote workers to maintenance and administration of the operative system (server). Of course it is included on all services in A.S.P. -Application Service Provider- modality (OnDemand, OnFarm), or can be added as an optional when the application is installed at the customers’ building (OnSite Ultimate, OnSite Rent). The technical support will be provided via a remote access to your system but, if necessary, it is also possible to request the presents of one of our technicians onsite.
SPSS Export
Spss Tool Supplementary Tool which allows users to automatically create the script file for the labelling of the SPSS matrix.
Once the file has been created, it is possible to copy its content into the SPSS script manager, and run it. A database with the labels of variables and values already set will be created in SPSS.

Speciale OnDemand
Features of our Server Farm
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IdMonitor is integrable with various switchboards, either hardware or software.

Autodial is available on request on any equipment that supports this function.

IdMonitor perfectly integrates with VoiP

Telephone connections are one the most important resources in business, and VoiP makes them more reliable.
Advantages: versatility, unlimited development potential, low costs.

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